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Wardrobe buying guide | How to choose a wardrobe

How to choose the exterior and internal storage of a wardrobe? What size do you need? What can you save on and what is not worth spending? Let’s have a look.

Choose the wardrobe type.

1. Freestanding or built-in?

A free-standing wardrobe is a good choice because it can be rearranged or moved to new housing at any time. Also, it can help with zone spacing.

Built-in wardrobes lack this, but, have their advantages.

Firstly, the built-in wardrobe saves space and does not visually clutter the interior. Which would be perfect for small spaces. Secondly, fitted wardrobes are often cheaper because they need fewer materials and production time.

Size matters. Let’s take a measurement. 

2. What is the minimum depth?

The minimum necessary depth for a convenient arrangement of outerwear is 50-55 cm. Add 10 cm to this for the sliding doors and get the depth for the wardrobe.

3. What about width and height?

The smallest width is limited by the design of the door and is at least 60cm for a single door wardrobe.

The height of the built-in wardrobe is determined by the space where it is installed. The custom-made sliding wardrobe can be made of any height. When choosing a height, think about items you will store on the upper shelves and how you would access it.

Choosing the internal wardrobe storage.

4. What should be inside?

The largest compartment is for clothes on the hangers (average height of 150-175 cm). It is recommended that for each item, 5 cm of the rod is necessary. For trousers, skirts, and blouses, you can organize a separate compartment with a bar height of 80-100 cm.

It is convenient to store knitwear in stacks of 2-4 things, so several small shelves should be arranged.

At the bottom, you should plan shelves and drawers for shoes, and at the top – for overall things, such as sports equipment or suitcases.

5. How many shelves and hangers are needed?

To get the answer to this question – count the number of clothes, shoes and accessories that you plan to store in the wardrobe. Do not forget to add 20% – for future shopping.

6. How to keep my wardrobe organized?

Smart storage organizers help maintain the space neat and tidy. Pull-out shelves are more convenient than fixed ones, drawers with a transparent exterior make finding things easier, and organizers for scarves and underwear will prevent clutter in the compartments.

7. How to store shoes?

Special shoe racks that can be built into a wardrobe are very convenient, but unfortunately, they are not very spacious. A practical solution is to leave a compartment at the bottom of the cabinet that allows you to store shoes in original boxes.

8. What can I save on? 

The internal storage can significantly increase the cost of the wardrobe. It is difficult to keep it balanced between convenience and cost, but there are several ways to maintain order.

For example, choose lightweight wire baskets instead of wooden drawers, and replace expensive built-in organizers with removable insert drawers.

Don’t be afraid to contact companies who provide free estimates for bespoke wardrobes. In the worst case, you just get the price with no obligation.

Design & Style.

9. Which style and design to go for? 

The wardrobe doors can be coated with colour, varnished, wood, veneer, mirrored, etc. The last option visually increases the space but does not add comfort to the room.

Many wardrobes are available in sets with furniture for the living room or bedroom. By purchasing the whole set, it is easy to maintain the same design.

10. Width and number of doors

The common width of the door is from 60 to 120 cm, the optimal one is about 80 cm. The balanced design is considered when the proportions of the width and height of the doors are 1:5.

Bespoke wardrobes with NWL Builders.

Buying a suitable wardrobe with NWL Builders is very simple. Our specialists will select models for you according to the requirements and measurements of your room. When the cabinet is manufactured and delivered, our professional assemblers install it at your place, carry out adjustments and check the operation of all mechanisms.

Complete an online request form to get your free estimate for the fitted wardrobe.

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