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Due to the coronavirus, entrepreneurs transition themselves and employees to a remote working. How long the COVID pandemic and lockdown measures will last is unknown. Thus, it is better to prepare your home office with the expectation of working for a while. You may not want to return to the office later, but now it can be difficult to get used to working from home. To make your life a little easier, we have put together tips on how to equip your home office.

From the financial point of view – it’s reasonable. Though there is a problem – it can be hard to concentrate at home. You may want to drink tea, stroke cat, clean up… In order not to fall into procrastination, create the home office, which sets up for work. To do this, follow our tips.

In this article:

How to choose convenient equipment for your home office?

Choosing comfortable equipment

You will spend long hours in front of your computer. If you are comfortable, productivity will increase.

Read how to choose the right equipment below.

1. Choose a comfortable chair.

The chair is the heart of the home office, it controls your level of comfort. The cheapest option is a classic four-legged chair. It is more convenient than it seems at first glance. There is no temptation to spin, drive up, drive off. You only have to sit down and work, the main thing is to choose the right height.

If you prefer chairs on wheels, choose fabric upholstery, not leather. Because leather will get warm and sitting will be uncomfortable. If you have a chance, try chairs in store, check how the back feels, and whether the armrests are in the right place.

2. Get a comfortable mouse and keyboard.

Choose convenience first, and then design and price. Cheap accessories are only great if they are ergonomic. Hands can suffer after long work with an uncomfortable keyboard. The keyboard should be horizontal. Do not place it with an inclination, it harms your hands and wrists.

Do not take a small mouse, they are compact, but do not fit well in your hand. Match the mouse to the size of your hand or get the gaming one, they are good for long-term use.

3. Think about the standing table.

Researchers say – Long sitting is harmful. Yes, this is exactly what you think – a table at which you can work while standing. The height of most of these tables is adjustable. There are transforming tables that can be converted from standing to sitting.

If you have no room for another table, try placing the stand on a regular table. Its height is also adjustable. When creating a home office, you can try different options to find what works best for you.

4. Follow ergonomic rules.

Prevent the damage from long sitting, set up your workspace so that you don’t slouch, spin, and cross your legs. Hands should be on the table parallel to the floor, bent at the elbows. Click here to read more on the NHS website.

5. Add plants.

Plants are not only interior design but also a reduction in stress. According to the study, even several colours can increase productivity by as much as 15%. To make plants “work”, choose easy to care for that release a lot of oxygen and purify the air. Chlorophytum, Dracaena, ficus and ferns known for their ability to filter air.

6. Organize wires.

Wires and cables get tangled, interfere, and annoy. To prevent this get yourself a cable organizer, they are cheap but transform the space.

7. Make sure you have good internet speed.

It can be challenging to be productive at work if the Internet freezes and slows down. In this case, try changing the provider or install a Wi-Fi router.

To make the signal better, install the router closer to the ceiling in the centre of the apartment. Check there are no obstructions around and appliances that could cause signal disruption.