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The bathtub fits better into the interior, while a shower cabin is an excellent addition to the style. Ever had to decide between a shower or bath when moving or doing a renovation?


1. A shower cabin is space-saving

The shower cabin is easy to fit into any corner. You can choose a round or square design or adjust a base to fit the curves of the wet room walls.
Also, when installing a shower, there are a few other tricks that can make a small shower tub more spacious.

2. Shower is Time-Saving

Showering takes less time than relaxing in the bath. You just need to go in, lather and rinse. It usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to take a bath. First, waiting until it’s filled with water, then lie down, lather and rinse a few more times.

3. Savings on utility bills with shower cabin

If you install a shower instead of a bathtub, the sum of your utility bills will be much less. On average, 40-50 litres of water used when taking a shower. In the bathtub the consumption is 2-3 times more: just to fill it, you need 150-170 litres.

4. Hygiene

If you live in an apartment with relatives and animals, it is better to buy a shower cubicle. Taking a bath immediately after another person is unhygienic. In this regard, it is easier with a shower cabin: it is not necessary to clean it after each family member. Moreover, it is easier to wash your dog’s paws in the tray after a walk.

5. Safety

According to statistics, about 400 people die every year from falls in the bath. In the shower, the risk of slipping is less. It is enough to step over a low side, which is especially convenient for the elderly or sick people. The main thing is to make sure that the pallet dries well.


1. Easy cleaning

It is enough to pour powder or gel into the bathtub, let stand, clean and rinse with water. In the case of a shower cabin, you have to use different chemicals for glass, wash the walls from plaque and soap stains.

2. Relaxation

The biggest benefit of a bath is the opportunity to relax in warm, foamy water. Home relaxation sessions relieve stress and improve blood circulation.
Some people may argue that shower or bath nowadays equally provide relaxation, with all modern options for showers, such as a built-in water massage, some can simulate a tropical downpour, serve aromatised steam … Even so, standing still, will not work well for relaxation.

3. Good to wash children

A bath is a great way to get your baby used to water treatments. With floating toys and watercolours, he can play in the water for hours. It is almost impossible to fit in a shower tray with all these toys: you will have to buy an extra baby bath.

4. Convenient to store bath supplies

It is more convenient to place all kinds of gels, shampoos, scrubs around the perimeter of the bath. Shower cabins are usually equipped with only one or two shelves.

5. Convenient to wash things

If you need to do your laundry by hand, it will be difficult without a bath. Especially if you need to rinse, for example, a sweater, jeans or a jacket. In this case, not only clothes will get wet, but everything around them.
So, our comparison finished in a tie. You have to decide what to buy – a shower or a bath? Based on the size of the apartment, the number of family members and your lifestyle.

NWL Builders provides installations of bath and shower. Get in touch for prices and inquiries.