How to replace cracked bathroom tiles?

5 easy steps to fix a broken wall tile or floor tile.

Ceramic tiles used for walls and floors are very durable and resistant, but it can be broken sometimes. 

There is no need to replace the entire area, we can only replace the damaged part and, thus, improve the appearance of the room. The biggest problem with this type of repair is finding the same tile. Especially if the design or size is very specific, and you do not know where it was purchased. Then you should look for the most similar one so that it does not stand out against the general background.

Remember that if the design or colour is similar, but varies in size, they can be cut to size with a tile cutter. 

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to fix a cracked bathroom tile: 

  • Cleaning the surface from a broken tile

The easiest way to remove it using a chisel and a hammer. Make sure you place the chisel in the deepest crack and carefully hit it with a hammer. Repeat until the tile is completely removed. Then remove the old adhesive from the wall or floor area using spatula or chisel.

  • Application of new adhesive layer

Apply a generous amount of adhesive with a spatula to the area. In the corner of each rectangle or square where the new ceramics will go, place a tile spacer that will mark the necessary space between the seams. The new tile should sit well on the glue, move it to the sides so that the glue is distributed evenly. The glue that comes out must be cleaned with a damp cloth before it dries.

  • Remove tile spacers

Tile spacers must be removed before the glue is completely dry. 

  • Grout application

When the adhesive is completely dry, you need to cover the seams. Grout should be prepared following the manufacturer’s instructions or grout sealer ready to use should be purchased. The spatula helps to evenly distribute it along the grooves. Use it carefully so there is no excess on the surface of the tile. Clean the excess with a damp cloth before it dries.

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