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Warmth and comfort, in an apartment or house, are especially important during rainy autumn. To get your home ready for autumn and feel comfortable in the next few months, you will need a bit of preparation. And it is better to start it in advance to avoid unnecessary worries and problems.

In autumn, we want more warmth and comfort, and we dream of evenings with family and a cosy atmosphere. We’ve made a list of things to help you create comfort in your home.

Especially with many people working from home nowadays, it is crucial to plan, as you will be spending most of the time at home.

Where should you start?

Think about possible problems with the house or maybe the issues you had last year. Maybe you had drafts or heating problems. Many homes are now much better maintained in terms of maintenance than they used to be, but this does not eliminate potential problems.

Our tips on how to get your home ready for autumn

1. Keep yourself warm

First of all, you need to take care until the heating is turned on: be sure to check the tightness of windows and doors and, if necessary, insulate and seal them. Check windows and doors don’t have gaps or damaged seal. You don’t want to have water leaks after heavy rain or draught of cold air when the temperature drops outside. You can check yourself and get draught-proof seals from local shops.

Insulating your home now would save your energy bills over the next few months. If every year you have to sleep under two blankets and in socks, then you should attend to buy a good heater or very, very warm blanket. Also, be sure to check the radiators – leaks or an inoperative switch during the first frost can significantly affect your ambient temperature. Check roof and clean gutters from leaves and debris if you live in a house. If you’re a flat owner with a balcony, tidy your balcony and remove or cover any furniture.

2. Get your plants ready for autumn

Trim your shrubs, bushes, and trees now. Clean garden after summer, cover BBQ, and don’t forget to tidy your shed or garage.

3. Think about hot water supply to get your home ready

Check your boiler is up to date with service and is functioning properly. Any faults should be checked and fixed by professional engineers.

4. Check your home safety devices

Such as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working. Candles and fireplaces create a cosy atmosphere but may become a safety hazard.

5. Inspect the house for dust and mould

In hot weather, air conditioners and ventilation collects dirt, mould and fungal spores, which can significantly harm health.

To get your home ready for autumn, you should thoroughly clean the air conditioners, ventilation, and air humidifiers. If the mould has managed to grow and get to the walls and ceiling, be sure to call a specialist as soon as possible to remove it from the apartment and ventilation. Do not leave it untreated over wet autumn months as high humidity would stimulate its growth.

6. Prevent dirt and get your home ready for autumn

The autumn period is associated with rains and mud, and you want, at least prevent the appearance of dirty stains on the floor and carpet. Rugs with a rubberized base on both sides of the front door will help keep your hallway clean. The main thing is to thoroughly dry your feet and not go outside the rugs in outdoor shoes. For the latter, it is worth buying a shoe rack or creating a special place where dirty shoes can drain and dry.

Keeping the apartment clean will be more pleasant with comfortable brooms, mops and floor rugs – check online for the autumn season sales. If you do not like cleaning, it is worth investing in a robot vacuum cleaner and mop. This equipment can greatly make life easier and save time and effort. Before purchasing, be sure to read reviews and determine whether the new device is suitable for your apartment floor covering to avoid disappointment.

7. Think about light

Long sunny days are over, and every day it gets darker – this is one of the main disadvantages of autumn. Getting up in the morning is getting harder and harder, and the dim and gloomy artificial lighting does not improve the situation in any way. First, it is imperative to wash the windows – by wiping off the summer dust from them, you will notice the difference and for some time you will enjoy the clear and bright landscape outside the window. Secondly, you need to wipe the chandeliers more often and replace old faded bulbs with new ones (LED recommended to save your energy bills).

8. Check out your seasonal wardrobe

You need to prepare well for the autumn cold – make sure that your boots are out of storage. It’s time to get your favourite warm turtlenecks, sweaters and coats, to revise the wardrobe again and buy what is missing as soon as possible – it can get colder, and the process of finding the right clothes is not always simple and quick.

9. Do not be sad

Autumn blues are difficult to disperse, but you can try! The main thing is not to let yourself get bored. Cold and dark autumn evenings – why not finally read those books that you put off for later, watch your favourite TV series or take online courses that you would like to master this fall. Take care of a soft and cosy blanket, scented candles and other little things that lift your spirit – whether it’s a year’s supply of popcorn, a new sofa, or a couple of dozen summer photos hanging on the wall. Stay positive when you get ready for autumn.

10. Check if your home needs any repairs before it is cold.

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