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Nobody controls you at home! The cosy atmosphere draws you to relax, it is easy to get distracted and carried away with household chores instead of work. How would you overcome the temptation to have a cup of your favourite hot drink on the couch? Removing distractions and overcoming triggers help increase performance.

Below are life hacks that make life easier and help to stay productive.

1. Separate work and living area 

Yes, you have to get up from the sofa and sit down at the table. You don’t want to? Think about efficiency. In the end, you’ll sort things faster – you’ll return to your comfort zone faster!

Why is working in a warm and a comfortable home zone is a bad option? The brain tends to associate certain places with tasks. That is why, it is easiest to train at the gym, work in the office, and sleep in the bed. Yes, willpower can handle these habits!

2. Use a separate computer for work 

If work gave you one or you can create another account on your computer for personal and business use.


Work computer is a separate place for business accounts,

  • no need for constant switching;
  • you are not distracted by personal notifications;
  • programs for work will occupy only working computer.

3. Schedule work 

The schedule improves performance. You automatically switch to “working mode” during working hours.

This is good for keeping a balance between work and personal life.

Allow yourself to be completely free from your worries in your personal time. Spend it with loved ones and do not forget about your hobbies.

Control your time and adhere to the schedule. Some people only have a clock on the wall. While others need reminders and schedules in the calendar to keep themselves organised.

Whichever works for you, do not forget to add rest time into your schedule.

4. Arrange with family members 

Let your family members know what hours you are working. Hang a sign on the door to let your family know when you are focusing on work or have a business call. Try not to work in the living room and other “common” places to cut distractions. In this case, you don’t have to worry about removing distractions, it’s under control.

If your partner also works at home, think in advance who can take care of children and pets. You need to balance family and work time and get used to new conditions.

5. Keep your office “ready” 

This means that your equipment must always be ready for use, and things are in the order.

Create a to-do list the day before, so you will predict what the working day will be like.

Clean up at the end of the day so you don’t start a new day by sorting out old clutter. Keep your equipment ready so you don’t have to wait for a long download and do not waste time searching.

You are most productive at the beginning of the day. If you spend this time on daily tasks – cleaning, making a to-do list – you will lose productivity.

6. Use applications to help you 

There are many apps to help you stay productive. Though, removing distractions with apps by staying all day on smartphone isn’t productive.

Working from home is a bonus for many people. You can determine the working hours yourself, create the environment you like.

Follow our tips and stay productive!

What other tips can you think of for productivity boost and comfort when working from home?